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American Ghosts : About Dr. Ken
Artist`s Statement
I have been a photographer for my entire life. I have used everything from an old box camera (large format!) to today`s digital cameras, plus some exotic scientific and motion picture cameras. The common theme that I try to capture is a sense of fun. If fun can be combined with fine art, that`s even better. People, places, things .... familiar and exotic ... everything is fair game. I am currently focusing on photographing ghost signs which are described in their own sections of these web pages.
NASA and the Viking Mars Landers
I have been using digital photography since the 1970`s when I was the Viking Lander Imaging Resident Team Leader at JPL. I was awarded the NASA Public Service award for my work. During that time, I was co-author of two books and numerous papers on the geology of Mars and the scientific results of the Viking Lander. One book, "The Martian Landscape" which contains numerous Viking Lander images, is available online at this NASA site.
[Photo Credit: Dr. Richard D`Alli]
Motion Picture Visual Effects Supervisor
Since 1979, I have worked as a Visual Effects Supervisor in Hollywood on films such as "The Parent Trap" and "Titanic". A list of my motion picture credits can be found at the IMDb site. In addition, I have worked as a still photographer on films, as well as having taken many unofficial behind-the-scene shots on the sets of the films on which I worked. I am currently a free-lance consultant for 3D motion picture projects.
[Photo Credit: Robert & Dennis Skotak]
NOLS : National Outdoor Leadership School
I am a graduate of the July 1966 NOLS course in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming. These photographs are included in these pages at this link. Some of these shots are historically interesting because of the shrinkage of the glaciers in the last 40 years. I am pleased NOLS used one of my photographs as the large backdrop for their exhibit of NOLS history at their headquarters in Lander, Wyoming.
Caltech : California Institute of Technology
While I was an undergraduate at Caltech, I occasionally functioned as the Fleming House photographer. As such, my duties included accompanying some of the other Flems on pranks to record the behind-the-scenes action. I will soon be building a separate site that documents some Fleming House history. At that time, if you find any pictures that could destroy your marriage, make you lose your security clearance, or contradict something you may have told your kid