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  • The UNITED STATES MAP is an easy way to navigate to ghost signs.
  • Please read the DETAILED DESCRIPTION of how I shoot signs or you may be surprised when you see them 'in the wild' with all of the clutter in front of them.

29 December 2016

  • Be sure to visit my Facebook Page - American Ghosts
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  • I have added over 1000 more signs since the last update. I still have many more to add.
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  • Google Maps changed their format for Street View links, so I am slowly updating my database. The lat-lon are still correct, but the Street View link may be a short distance away and point in the wrong diretion.

25 November 2015

  • I have started a Facebook page for sharing sign information - American Ghosts
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  • I have added around 200 more signs for Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, and New Mexico.

12 October 2015

  • I have added more signs for Iowa and Kansas.
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  • I have updated my database to show more signs that are now gone. Sign 'restoration' is accelerating!!

2 June 2015

  • I have added more signs for Iowa and Oklahoma.
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  • I have made corrections to the mySQL database so that the website runs more smoothly.

23 December 2014

  • I have added many more signs. I still need to add around 800 more signs that I have already photographed.
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  • I have corrected more spelling errors, and wrong locations for signs. Locations have now been added for most signs.
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  • Google Map markers don't seem to work using Safari under Snow Leopard anymore. However, Safari with the newest operation system seems to work. Google is currently updating its map services, and there may be issues as I try to keep up.
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  • I have added a category 'Going, Going, Gone' which lists those signs now longer visible or extant. I am sure there are many more that I have photographed that are now gone.
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  • The first image n the home page is a late addition. It is for Moxie, and is located under the Quaker Oats sign on Tremont St. It will be gone soon, covered by new construction.

5 April 2014

  • This major update to my website now includes integrated links to Google Maps. I have modified the user interface for allow one to find signs either using the index pages or the map pages. Almost everything on the pages link to something else. Try clicking on various items to see how it all works.
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  • I have corrected several spelling errors, and wrong locations for signs. I have put in location markers in Google Maps for most signs, but I am still updating them - it takes time.
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  • I now have signs on my site from all 48 states. I still need to add several hundred more signs that I shot last summer.

4 August 2013

  • This website now uses PHP and mySQL. I have added links from existing pages to the new pages, but I suggest you update any booksmarks to use the new pages instead.
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  • I have added some signs throughout the site. I have corrected some spelling errors, and added additional product links to many of the signs. I have also replaced some 'temp' versions with final versions.
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  • I have just returned from a lengthy cross country trip during which I have photographed signs in over 250 new towns. I have now photographed signs in all of the lower 48 states. I have shot more than 80,000 separate images on this current trip that will be stitched and assembled to form the high-resolution versions of these signs. That process will take several months.

9 April 2013

24 January 2013

25 November 2012

12 September 2012

22 August 2012

24 July 2012

  • I added some Javascript code to add cross links between pages to specific sections of each page. You must have Javascript enabled.
  • Changes were made to the state index pages, allowing both internal and external links to 'jump' to the cities directly - e.g. Butte, Montana.
  • The pages for 'Best Signs' and 'Final Signs' now have dividers based on the states where the signs are located - e.g. best signs in Missouri.
  • The Product Index pages have links to the more common products - e.g. Coca Cola, Quaker Oats, and Henry George Cigar.
  • Some reassignments were made to product categories for individual signs.
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  • These web pages are generated using C++ code which I wrote. It would be impossible to maintain all of the hyperlinks unless I used a coding method.
  • I have tested these pages on Safari, Opera, and Firefox. I don't have a PC to test Explorer, but I have run page checking through the W3C site software.

25 April 2012

  • Added new signs for Idaho (Ashton, Idaho Falls, Pocatello)
  • Added new signs for Montana (Butte, Deer Lodge, Gardiner, Helena, Missoula, Ringling, Townsend, Walkerville, White Sulphur Springs, Wilsall)
  • Added new signs for Oregon (Cottage Grove, Eugene, Portland)
  • Added new signs for Utah (Goshen, Milford, Salt Lake City)
  • Added new signs for Washington (Bellingham, Coulee City, Everett, Harrington, Hartline, Seattle, Spokane, Sprague, Tacoma)

20 March 2012

  • Fixed some linking errors in the Products Indices
  • Updated some product descriptions
  • I changed the names of the product pages so they will remain the same when I add new signs. Please update your bookmarks.

5 March 2012

  • Added new Ghost Signs for Louisiana (New Orleans, Lake Charles)
  • Added new Ghost Signs for Mississippi and Texas
  • Fixed the prev-next buttons on the state index pages to link correctly. It was a result of the different alphabetical order of state names vs. state two letter abbreviations.

23 February 2012

  • Added Ghost Signs for Wisconsin and Minnesota
  • Added new Ghost Signs for Alabama (Birmingham, Tuscaloosa)
  • Added new Ghost Signs for California (San Francisco, including the Boss of the Road revealed in August 2011)
  • Added new Ghost Signs for Colorado (Palisade, Silverton)
  • Added new Ghost Signs for Georgia (Blue Ridge)
  • Added new Ghost Signs for Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee
  • Added new Ghost Signs for Ohio (Toledo)
  • I changed the names of the pages so they will remain the same when I add new signs. Please update your bookmarks.
  • I have around 600 more signs to add that I have already shot, so please check back!
  • Does anyone know of any ghost signs in Delaware? I drove around Wilmington and couldn't find any.

2 February 2012

  • Changed the Home Page to direct visitors to the Ghost Signs
  • Also Coming Soon!! More signs for Washington, Oregon, Texas, Louisiana, plus others
  • Added Google Analytics (invisibie to you, helpful for me) so I can improve the navigation around the site

7 January 2012

  • Added a DETAILED DESCRIPTION of my methodology for shooting, organizing, and mosaicking images
  • Added an index Page for my pick of the BEST GHOST SIGNS
  • Added Ghost Signs for New Jersey, Iowa, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and South Carolina
  • Added many new Ghost Signs for Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Virginia, and West Virginia
  • Fixed location of Occident Flour sign from Dillon, Montana to Butte, Montana
  • Split the category 'Tires' out of 'Transportation'

22 April 2011

  • Added this page - the 'What's New' section
  • Added Ghost Signs for Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky
  • Added many new Ghost Signs for Kansas and Missouri
  • Added some new Finals
  • Added the pop-up multiple views for all ghost signs, not just finals
  • Added the side bar links to product categories and states

12 January 2011

  • Fixed several formatting issues

4 January 2011

  • Added Ghost Signs for Maryland and Washington D.C.
  • Added many new Ghost Signs for California, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and Montana
  • Replaced some very temporary ghost sign montages with better ones
  • Added more images in the Panorama section

12 December 2010

  • Added Site Map links for Ghost Signs

17 October 2010

  • Added a major new section for ghost signs, including the map and other link options. Added approxmately 400 signs.